GIGAWATTS Solar String Light 300 LEDs 32m Copper Wire Indoor Outdoor Decorative Lighting for Home Garden Balcony Diwali Christmas Party (32m, 300LEDs)

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  • EFFICIENT SOLAR-POWERED OPERATION: These Solar Copper Wire Lights harness the power of the sun to illuminate your space.
  • FLEXIBLE COPPER WIRE: The copper wire is not only durable but also flexible, allowing you to mould it into various shapes and wrap it around objects.
  • LONG-LASTING LED BULBS: Equipped with energy-efficient LED bulbs, these lights are designed for long-lasting use. LED technology consumes less power while producing a bright.
  • WEATHER-RESISTANT DESIGN: These Solar Copper Wire Lights are built to withstand various weather conditions.
  • EASY INSTALLATION AND OPERATION: Setting up these lights is a breeze. Simply place the solar panel in a location where it can receive direct sunlight, and the lights will automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn.
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Introducing our Solar Copper Wire Lights, a brilliant lighting solution that combines elegance and sustainability. Powered by the sun, these lights are not only energy-efficient but also versatile. The flexible copper wire allows you to decorate any space effortlessly, while the long-lasting LED bulbs create a warm, inviting atmosphere. With a weather-resistant design, these lights are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Easy to install and operate, they add a touch of magic to any occasion.

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