GigaWatts is establishing itself as the industry standard

About Us

The world’s fast-paced heavy-duty machine tools sector never ceases to astound consumers with remarkable and inventive items. Leading the market with top-notch quality tools, Giga Watts is renowned for its cutting-edge and well-liked tools, always putting the needs of the consumer first. We continue to invent ways to disrupt the market and improve the lives of our customers by utilizing cutting-edge technology.

We can be certain of this because of the initiatives that guide our business at every turn. We are confident that we are not only improving today, but also investing in a better future as a result of our environmental sensitivity, evolving safety regulations, and technological advances in design and manufacturing.


The notion that a good tool necessitates good build quality is central to our manufacturing process, and Giga Watts goes to great lengths to ensure that our products are of the highest quality. We only work with the best raw materials and components on the market to produce the most potent and efficient products.

Our manufacturing facilities with automated press lines are outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment. We take pride in providing excellent services, and our clients understand that we provide more than just machines. 

We also provide a positive customer experience, which has helped us build trusting relationships with them. It is a cultural value consistently exemplified by offering exceptional customer service, a wide range of products, and in-depth business knowledge. Every machine that leaves our manufacturing facilities is subjected to a quality control inspection. We thoroughly test everything, even running individual tests on the motor!

Our high standards go a long way, so purchasing Giga Watts is likely to be a long-term partnership.

Design & Innovation

Our design language, which is based on actual insights, is what truly sets them apart. Our GigaWatts team has delved deeply into the lives of consumers over the years, creating a truly innovative range of goods that provide consumers with multiple benefits.

The emphasis is on convenience, safety, and maintenance. Our product lineup expertly blends Indian tradition and cutting-edge technology. Each and every Giga Watts product is robust and long-lasting, making it perfect for use in industrial settings.

Growing Footprint

A website that sells industrial products with a strong emphasis on electrical, machine, and maintenance tools, hand tools, and many other essentials for the sector. Giga Watts is establishing itself as the industry standard.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We work hard to deliver the promised value to our esteemed customers through our exciting product lineup. Due to the programs that direct every facet of our operations, we are confident in this. We are confident that by taking into account the environment, evolving safety standards, and improvements in design and manufacturing, we are not only improving the present but also investing in a better future.