GIGAWATTS with GW Bugs Controller Insect Trap Lamp for Home Durable Eco-Friendly LED Light USB Powered Portable Device (White)

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  • DURABLE BUGS KILLER: The Bug Light Killer is a potent and lightweight device. It is simple to get rid of bugs, flies, and others the ideal electronic bug killer. This electric bug killer has a high voltage, so no pesky bugs.
  • POWERFUL PURPLE LED: The purple LED of the bug killer can precisely release an ultraviolet light wave of about 368 nm, which causes Bugs to rush to the electric net and be killed based on their habits. Simple-to-use devices are ideal for use, such as in homes, travel destinations, etc.
  • LIVE, BREATHE, AND SLEEP IN A PROTECTIVE SETTING: You and your family can avoid unpleasant Bugs bites and stings with the help of the Bugs killer. It is a compact, exacting, and essentially silent device. It’s intended for home use, giving you and your family a worry-free home experience.
  • EASY TO USE: Simply plug in the plug, and press the button, and it acts as a bug Bugs trap and a Bugs killer that can operate without making any noise! Its simplicity of usage is what makes it appropriate for a diverse range of applications.
  • SMALL, PORTABLE, AND SIMPLE TO CARRY: It is simple to transport wherever you go thanks to its stylish appearance and small size. It can be used in family bedrooms, kitchens, homes, and offices. It can be used outside on balconies, courtyards, gardens, and other surfaces. Note: A bug killer uses UV light to attract bugs, not mosquitoes, and kills them with an electric shock. Mosquitoes that happen to fly near it may also get zapped.
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