GIGAWATTS RT-2133 5” DIY Air Sander with Hose 90 PSI Dry Wall Handheld Palm Polisher 12000RPM Air Random Orbital Pneumatic Paint Polishing Machine for Sanding Finishing Walls Wood Cars

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  • HIGH-SPEED PERFORMANCE: The Air Sander operates at an impressive free speed of 12000 RPM, allowing for fast and efficient sanding and smoothing of surfaces.
  • OPTIMAL AIR PRESSURE: The recommended air pressure for the Air Sander is 90 PSI, providing the ideal balance between power and control.
  • EFFICIENT AIR CONSUMPTION: With an air consumption of 0.34 m3/min, this Air Sander strikes a balance between power and efficiency.
  • EASY INTEGRATION: The Air Sander features an air inlet size of 1/4″, compatible with standard air hoses. Additionally, the hose size is 3/8″, providing a secure connection between the sander and air supply.
  • VERSATILE APPLICATIONS: The Air Sander is suitable for a wide range of sanding applications, including automotive refinishing, woodworking, metalworking, and more.
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Gigawatts Air Sander is a high-performance tool designed for efficient sanding and smoothing. With a free speed of 12000 RPM, it quickly removes materials, saving time and effort. The recommended air pressure of 90 PSI ensures consistent and controlled operation. Its efficient air consumption of 0.34 m3/min balances power and efficiency. The 1/4″ air inlet and 3/8″ hose size allow for easy integration with existing air systems. Versatile and reliable, it is ideal for automotive refinishing, woodworking, and metalworking projects, delivering smooth and professional results every time.

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