GIGAWATTS R-355C 14-Inch Cut Off Machine 2200W Heavy Duty 3800 RPM Corded Electric Chop Saw 355mm Cutting Disc Dia for Wood Aluminium Plastic Metal Steel Pipe Cutter (Colour May Vary)

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  • KEY SPECIFICATIONS: Cutting Wheel diameter- 14 Inch/355mm | Power rating- 2200 Watt | Cutting Wheel Rotation- 3800 RPM |
  • VERSATILE VOLTAGE COMPATIBILITY: The chop saw operates at a voltage of 220V-50Hz, making it compatible with standard power supplies. This ensures easy integration into various working environments.
  • EFFICIENT CUTTING SPEED: With a no-load speed of 3800 r/min (rotations per minute), the chop saw offers fast and efficient cutting capabilities. The high rotational speed of cut-off machine allows for quick and precise cuts, enhancing productivity and reducing cutting time.
  • LARGE CUTTING CAPACITY: The chop saw features a maximum diameter capacity of 355mm, enabling it to handle a wide range of cutting tasks.
  • DURABLE AND STURDY CONSTRUCTION: Designed for durability, the Cut Off Machine is built to withstand heavy-duty use. Its robust construction and quality materials ensure long-term reliability, even in demanding working conditions.
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The Gigawatts chop saw is a powerful and versatile cutting tool suitable for various applications. With a 2200W motor and a cutting speed of 3800 r/min, it delivers high-performance cutting capabilities. Operating at a voltage of 220V-50Hz, it offers compatibility with standard power supplies. With a maximum diameter capacity of 355mm, it can handle a wide range of cutting tasks. Its durable construction ensures longevity, allowing it to withstand heavy-duty use. It is a reliable and efficient tool for achieving precise and fast cuts in materials such as metal and more.

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