GIGAWATTS GW-211 113 LEDs Solar Motion Sensor Wall Light BIS Approved 120° Lighting Angle 10W Remote Control for Home Garden Fence Staircase- 1 Pc

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  • POWERFUL LED LIGHTING: The Solar Motion Sensor Wall Light features a potent SMD2835 LED light source with 6000K colour temperature, comprising 113 LEDs that collectively deliver 10W of illumination.
  • EFFICIENT SOLAR CHARGING: Equipped with a monocrystalline silicon solar panel, this wall light efficiently captures solar energy during the day.
  • VERSATILE CONTROL OPTIONS: This wall light offers multiple control modes, including light control, manual operation through buttons, and remote control synchronization. The convenient remote control provides five different lighting modes and works effectively within a range of 5-10 meters.
  • WIDE BEAM ANGLE: With a beam angle of 120 degrees, this wall light provides expansive coverage, making it ideal for lighting up large outdoor spaces, pathways, or entrances.
  • EXTENDED LIGHTING DURATIONS: Depending on your chosen mode, this solar wall light offers flexible lighting durations. It can provide a highlight of 4 hours with 600lm brightness and a low brightness mode for an impressive 20 hours at 100lm.
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Introducing Gigawatts’ Solar Motion Sensor Wall Light, a powerful outdoor lighting solution. Featuring LEDs with a 6000K colour temperature, it delivers 10W of illumination. Its monocrystalline silicon solar panel ensures efficient solar charging. With versatile control options, including remote synchronisation, and a wide 120-degree beam angle, it lights up expansive areas. Choose from various lighting modes for up to 20 hours of operation. Gigawatts brings you a versatile and reliable lighting solution for your outdoor spaces.

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