GIGAWATTS F50 18 Gauge 2 in 1 Brad & Crown Nailer 100 PSI Pneumatic Air-Powered Nail Gun for Wire Fencing Woodworking Carpentry Workshops Construction Door Window & Cabinet Making Machine

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  • KEY SPECIFICATIONS: Brad & Crown Nailer | Handle Nails-18 Gauge | pressure level- 100 PSI | Air-Powered.
  • ADJUSTABLE WORKING PRESSURE: It offers an adjustable working pressure range of 60-100 PSI. This feature allows users to customize the nailer’s performance based on the specific requirements of their project.
  • EFFICIENT AND PRECISE NAIL/BRAD PLACEMENT: This air nailer excels at delivering efficient and precise nail placement. The powerful pneumatic mechanism ensures that each nail/brad is driven accurately.
  • EASY LOADING AND JAM-CLEARING MECHANISM: The Air Nailer Product features an easy-loading mechanism that simplifies the process of reloading nails/brads.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION FOR LONG-LASTING PERFORMANCE: Built to withstand demanding work environments, the Product boasts a durable construction.
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The GIGAWATTS Brad Nailer Product is a versatile and efficient tool designed for precise nail and brad placement. With a capacity to handle 18-gauge nails and brads ranging from 15-50mm in length, it offers flexibility for various applications such as trim work, panelling, and moulding. The adjustable working pressure range of 60-100 PSI allows customization based on project requirements. Featuring easy loading and jam-clearing mechanisms, this nailer ensures smooth operation and minimizes downtime. Built with durable construction, it delivers reliable performance, making it an excellent choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts seeking accurate and efficient nail/brad placement.

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