GIGAWATTS XLNT 6.5 HP Agriculture Engine Portable Advanced Technology Used for Home Buildings Industries Gardens Water Logging and Hotels

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  • TOP-NOTCH QUALITY SYSTEM: This reliable performance Engine is equipped with a newly designed fuel injection system, good atomization, low oil consumption, more punctual fuel injection, and long service life. Compact structure, small size, and lightweight. Compared with other engines, it is more economical and lighter making it an ideal buy for you.
  • MAIN PARAMETER: This engine has a high power source and delivers an ultimate 6.5 hp. It works with many applications and requires low oil consumption. It has a newly designed body with durable strength material.
  • GOOD COOLING PERFORMANCE: Enhanced thickening alloy box, fast heat dissipation, low oil temperature, lightweight. Through advanced analysis and optimized design, the reliability of the diesel engine in terms of structure and cooling is ensured.
  • WIDELY APPLICATION: This 6.5 HP engine has multiple applications which we can use this engine like with Generators, Water pumps, Reaper, Tiller, Chaff Cutter, Lawn Movers, Construction Garden, HTP Sprayer Sugarcane Machine, etc. Designed to meet the needs of garden professionals, this engine can lead multiple applications smoothly.
  • EFFICIENT DESIGN: Its easy, compact, and portable design is good enough to catch your attention. It has advanced designed technology and consumes lesser fuel compared to other engines. Its installation is quite easy and works for a wide range of applications.


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Installing this 6.5 HP agriculture engine will give your agricultural applications a strong, long-lasting device. This engine generates a lot of power and has a maximum output of 6.5 horsepower. It has a wide range of applications and uses little oil. It has a brand-new body design made of strong, long-lasting materials. Compact structure, small size and lightweight. It is more cost-effective and lighter than other engines, making it a great purchase for you. It can be used for a variety of things, including generators, water pumps, reapers, tillers, chaff cutters, lawnmowers, construction projects, gardens, HTP sprayers, and sugarcane processing equipment.


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