GIGAWATTS Solar Panel with Mono PERC Power Technology Cells for Home Outdoor and Heavy Duty Projects Electronic Use (Pack of 1, 125W, 22V, 6.83A)

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  • MONO PERC POWER CELLS: The GIGAWATTS Solar Panel integrates Mono PERC (Passivated Emitter Rear Cell) technology, enhancing energy conversion efficiency. These cells utilize a rear surface passivation technique to reduce electron recombination, thereby improving overall performance.
  • HOME OUTDOOR APPLICATIONS: Specifically designed for outdoor residential use, this solar panel offers reliable and sustainable energy generation for households. Its robust construction ensures durability against weather elements, including rain, hail, and snow. The panel’s efficiency remains unaffected by varying temperatures, ensuring consistent energy production throughout the year.
  • SUITABLE FOR HEAVY-DUTY PROJECTS: The GIGAWATTS Solar Panel is engineered to meet the demands of heavy-duty electronic applications. Whether powering industrial machinery, agricultural equipment, or remote monitoring systems, this panel delivers consistent and efficient energy supply. Its rugged design and high-performance capabilities make it ideal for off-grid installations and remote locations.
  • ENHANCED ELECTRONIC EFFICIENCY: With a power rating of 125W, this solar panel provides ample energy for electronic devices and systems. Its high efficiency ensures maximum utilization of available sunlight, minimizing wastage and optimizing power output. Whether charging batteries, running appliances, or supporting electronic gadgets, users can rely on the GIGAWATTS Solar Panel for consistent and sustainable power supply.
  • SINGLE-PACK CONFIGURATION: Each purchase includes a single solar panel unit, simplifying installation and configuration processes. With all necessary components included, users can quickly set up the panel and start harnessing solar energy. The single-pack configuration also offers flexibility in scaling up the solar power system according to specific requirements, making it an ideal choice for both residential and commercial applications.
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Experience effortless energy independence with the efficient 125W Solar panel, your All-in-One solution for reliable and portable power on the go.


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