GIGAWATTS SA-3026 Angle Grinder 1100W (4 inch /100mm) 11000 RPM Corded 3 Position Hand Cutter Machine for Grinding, Cutting, Stripping & Polishing


  • KEY SPECIFICATION: Power Rating- 1100 Watt | No Load Speed– 11000 RPM | Disc Diameter- 100 mm | Operating Voltage- 220V-50Hz.
  • VERSATILE VOLTAGE: With a voltage rating of 220V-50Hz, this angle grinder can be used in multiple regions, making it a reliable tool for professionals and DIY enthusiasts worldwide.
  • HIGH-SPEED OPERATION: The angle grinder’s impressive no-load speed of 11000 revolutions per minute ensures fast material removal and smooth cutting, reducing the time and effort required to complete projects.
  • PRECISE GRINDING: Featuring a disc diameter of 100mm, this grinder provides precise and accurate grinding results, making it ideal for working on different materials, including metal, stone, and wood.
  • SAFETY AND CONVENIENCE: The angle grinder is designed with safety in mind, featuring ergonomic handles for a comfortable grip and control during operation. Additionally, it comes with safety guards to protect the user from sparks and debris, ensuring a safe and hassle-free grinding experience.

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Introducing Gigawatts Angle Grinder – the ultimate power tool for all your cutting and grinding needs. With a robust 1100W motor and a versatile 220V-50Hz voltage rating, it delivers powerful and efficient performance. The 100mm disc diameter ensures precise and smooth grinding on various materials. Operating at a high speed of 11000r/min, it saves time and effort on every project. Designed with safety in mind, the angle grinder features ergonomic handles and safety guards, making it a reliable and user-friendly tool for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.


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