GIGAWATTS RP8622 1HP 500W Airless Paint Sprayer 1.4L/Min Flow Rate High Pressure Hose 3000PSI Powerful Spraying Machine for House Painting Interior Exterior Wall Furniture

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  • KEY SPECIFICATIONS: Flow Rate- 1.4 L/Min | Motor’s Capacity- 1 HP | Power Rating- 500 Watt | High Pressure- 3000 PSI
  • VERSATILE PAINT COMPATIBILITY: The sprayer is compatible with a variety of paint products, providing versatility for different project requirements.
  • POWERFUL PISTON PUMP: Equipped with a piston pump, this airless sprayer delivers a consistent and even spray pattern. The single-phase motor design with a 5/8 HP (500 W) power ensures reliable performance, while the maximum pressure of 3000 PSI enables effective coverage and professional-quality results.
  • PRECISE SPRAY CONTROL: With the ability to support up to a 0.017 spray tip, this sprayer allows for precise spray control. You can adjust the tip size according to your desired coverage area and achieve accurate application.
  • EASY PRIMING AND COMPLETE PACKAGE: The sprayer features an inlet check ball release for easy priming, saving you time and effort. It includes an all-metal airless spray gun with a 517 spray tip and guard, ensuring durability and longevity.
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The Gigawatts Airless Paint Sprayer is a lightweight and powerful solution for all your paint needs. Designed for small to medium projects, this sprayer is compatible with various paint products, ensuring versatility. With a piston pump and a single-phase motor, it delivers a maximum pressure of 3000 PSI for precise and even coverage. The flexible siphon, metal inlet strainer, and return tube guarantee smooth paint flow. Equipped with an all-metal airless spray gun and a 517 spray tip, the gigawatts sprayer offers convenience and durability. Take your painting projects to the next level with Gigawatts.

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