GIGAWATTS Insect Killer Machine for Catching Flies Electric Shock-Resistant ABS Bug Fly Catcher UV Bulbs for Home Hotels Offices & Restaurants

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  • Ultimate Insect Killer: By utilizing the power of UV light, it effectively lures and captures flying insects.
  • Silent Operation: Works silently, creating a serene environment for customers to enjoy without disturbances. Covers 50 sq. meters for indoor/outdoor use.
  • Active Against Most Insects: Utilises 365 nm UV light to efficiently attract a wide range of flying insects for optimal insect elimination. NOTE: THIS IS NOT A MOSQUITO KILLER.
  • Tough & Safe Build: Constructed with durable, shock-resistant ABS material, providing long-lasting performance and overall safety.
  • Best Usage Tips: To ensure maximum impact, position the insect killer away from light and wind, preferably near entrances. Run it continuously for the initial 10 days, 24/7, and place it in pitch darkness for optimal results. When using indoors, avoid any human interference for the first 30 minutes.
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Gigawatts Insect Killer is highly effective and reliable, making it the ideal solution for keeping your home or business free of flying insects. This powerful electric grid insect killer is designed to eliminate flying pests quickly and efficiently, providing you with a comfortable and insect-free environment. Crafted from upgraded-quality ABS material, this machine is shock-resistant and durable, ensuring it can withstand accidental drops or impacts. With a long-wire length of 1.7m, it is easy to plug in and position in the desired location, making it an ideal solution for use in homes, offices, restaurants, and other indoor environments.


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