Gigawatts HYD-SF818 20W Solar Pedestal Fan Portable and Quiet with High Power Air Delivery 8000mAh Battery (White, 16inch)

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  • RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCE: Powered by solar panels, reducing reliance on electricity grids and offering renewable cooling solutions.
  • PORTABILITY AND VERSATILITY: Adjustable height and easily movable, allowing for flexible placement indoors or outdoors as needed.
  • ENERGY-EFFICIENT DESIGN: Utilizes solar power efficiently, with some models having rechargeable batteries for continued use during low sunlight or at night.
  • QUIET OPERATION: Designed for minimal noise, ensuring a peaceful environment while providing adequate airflow.
  • COST-EFFICIENT SOLUTION: Reduces electricity bills by harnessing solar energy, making it a cost-effective cooling option in the long run.
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Gigawatts Solar-Powered Pedestal Fan, the epitome of cooling innovation. Harnessing the sun’s energy through efficient solar panels, this fan operates independently from traditional electricity sources, providing a sustainable solution for your cooling needs.

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