GIGAWATTS GW004GS 500W Electric Paint Sprayer Gun 800 ml Capacity 500 ml/min High-Pressure Spraying Machine for Painting Cars, Wood, Furniture, Wall and Woodworking (Set of 1)

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  • WIDE VOLTAGE COMPATIBILITY: The Electric Sprayer is designed to work efficiently with a rated voltage range of 220-240V AC at 50Hz. This wide voltage compatibility helps with that the sprayer can be used in various regions.
  • POWERFUL AND EFFICIENT MOTOR: With an input power of 500W, this Electric Sprayer boasts a robust motor that can efficiently atomize and disperse liquids, such as paints, pesticides, or cleaning solutions.
  • HIGH-SPEED OPERATION: The Electric Sprayer features a no-load speed of 32,000 RPM (Revolutions Per Minute), which allows for the rapid and even distribution of liquids.
  • CONSISTENT FLOW RATE AND LARGE CONTAINER: The sprayer offers a flow rate of 500ml/min and comes with a spacious container volume of 800ml. This combination helps with a continuous supply of the liquid being sprayed, reducing the need for frequent refills.
  • ADAPTABLE NOZZLE SIZE AND VISCOSITY HANDLING: Equipped with a 2.5mm nozzle, this electric Sprayer has flexibility in application. The nozzle size allows for precise and controlled spraying, making it suitable for various tasks, including painting walls, applying pesticides to crops, or disinfecting surfaces.
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Introducing the Gigawatts Electric Paint Sprayer, a powerhouse of efficiency and versatility. With a rated voltage of 220-240V AC at 50Hz and an impressive 500W motor, it delivers high-speed performance at 32,000 RPM. Its consistent 500ml/min flow rate and generous 800ml container volume. From precise painting to effective pesticide application, this tool is ideal for spraying operations.

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