GIGAWATTS GW003GS 400W Electric Paint Sprayer Gun 800 ml Capacity 600 ml/min High-Pressure Spraying Machine for Painting Cars, Wood, Furniture, Wall and Woodworking

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  • WIDE VOLTAGE COMPATIBILITY: The Electric Sprayer is designed to work efficiently with a rated voltage range of 220-240V AC at 50Hz. This wide voltage compatibility helps with that the sprayer can be used in various regions.
  • POWERFUL AND EFFICIENT MOTOR: With an input power of 400W, this Electric Sprayer boasts a robust motor that can efficiently atomize and disperse liquids, such as paints, pesticides, or cleaning solutions.
  • HIGH-SPEED OPERATION: The Electric Sprayer features a no-load speed of 32,000 RPM (Revolutions Per Minute), which allows for the rapid and even distribution of liquids.
  • CONSISTENT FLOW RATE AND LARGE CONTAINER: The sprayer offers a flow rate of 600ml/min and comes with a spacious container volume of 800ml. This combination helps with a continuous supply of the liquid being sprayed, reducing the need for frequent refills.
  • ADAPTABLE NOZZLE SIZE AND VISCOSITY HANDLING: The nozzle size allows for precise and controlled spraying, making it suitable for various tasks, including painting walls, applying pesticides to crops, or disinfecting surfaces.
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