GIGAWATTS GW-202 32 LED Solar Street Garden Light BIS Approved 120° Beam 10W Angle Automatic Night Sensor for Outdoor Lighting- 1 Pc

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  • BRIGHT AND EFFICIENT LIGHTING: The Solar Sensing Garden Light is equipped with a robust SMD2835 LED light source featuring 32 LEDs that deliver 10W of warm white (3000K) illumination.
  • SOLAR-POWERED SUSTAINABILITY: Powered by a 6V/1.5W polysilicon solar panel, this garden light effectively harnesses solar energy during the day. It stores this energy in a 3.7V/1500mAh 18650 lithium battery.
  • MULTIPLE CONTROL MODES: This garden light offers versatile control options, including light control, infrared induction, and the choice between low and high light settings.
  • ADJUSTABLE BEAM ANGLE: With a flexible beam angle of 120 degrees both vertically and horizontally, you can easily adjust the light to illuminate specific areas or pathways, enhancing your garden’s aesthetics and security.
  • EXTENDED LIGHTING DURATIONS: Depending on the selected mode, this garden light provides extended lighting durations. In low light mode, it can last an impressive 80 hours, while in high light mode, it operates for 5 hours.
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Introducing Gigawatts’ Solar Sensing Garden Light, a powerful and eco-friendly outdoor lighting solution. With 32 efficient SMD2835 LEDs delivering 10W of warm white illumination, it ensures bright and reliable lighting. Harnessing solar energy through a 6V/1.5W polysilicon panel and a 3.7V/1500mAh lithium battery, this garden light offers multiple control modes, adjustable beam angles, and extended lighting durations. Enhance your garden’s aesthetics and security sustainably with Gigawatts’ versatile garden light.

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