GIGAWATTS Gasoline Chainsaw 530mm SpeedCut 2.8 kW Cutting Tool 2800 RPM Smooth Woodcut Suitable for Home Improvement & Industrial Use

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  • POWERFUL AND EFFICIENT CUTTING: The gasoline chain saw boasts a maximum cutting diameter of 530mm, allowing you to tackle a wide range of cutting tasks with ease. Whether you need to trim branches or fell trees, this chainsaw is designed to handle demanding cutting applications.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE: With a rated output power of 2.8 kW, this chainsaw delivers excellent cutting performance. The powerful engine ensures efficient operation, enabling you to complete your cutting tasks quickly and effectively.
  • OPTIMAL NO-LOAD SPEED: The chainsaw operates at a no-load speed of 2800 rpm, which ensures smooth and consistent cutting performance. This speed is carefully calibrated to provide the ideal balance between power and control, allowing you to achieve precise and accurate cuts.
  • EASY FUEL MANAGEMENT: The gasoline mixing ratio of 1:25 simplifies fuel management for the chainsaw. You can easily mix the correct amount of gasoline and oil, ensuring proper lubrication and performance of the engine. The fuel tank capacity of 550ml provides ample fuel storage, allowing for extended cutting sessions without frequent refuelling.
  • USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN: This gasoline chainsaw is designed with user convenience in mind. It features ergonomic handles that offer a comfortable grip and minimizes fatigue during prolonged use. Additionally, the chainsaw is equipped with safety features such as a chain brake and a throttle lock to enhance user safety while operating the tool.
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The GIGAWATTS Gasoline Chain Saw is a powerful and efficient cutting tool designed for various cutting applications. With a maximum cutting diameter of 530mm and a rated output power of 2.8Kw, it delivers exceptional cutting performance. The chainsaw operates at a no-load speed of 2800 rpm, ensuring smooth and precise cuts. Its gasoline mixing ratio of 1:25 simplifies fuel management, and the 550ml fuel tank capacity allows for extended cutting sessions. The chainsaw also features user-friendly design elements such as ergonomic handles and safety features like a chain brake and throttle lock.

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