GIGAWATTS CM4SB 1300W Marble Cutter Corded Electric 13000 RPM Powerful 110mm Disc Dia Tile Stone Cutting Machine for Home & Industrial Use

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  • KEY SPECIFICATIONS: Speed- 13000 RPM | Disc Diameter- 110mm | Power Rating- 1300 Watt | Corded.
  • DURABLE BUILD MATERIAL QUALITY: Its long lifespan and ability to cut marble up to 110 mm are both a result of the sturdy materials used in the construction of this marble cutter. It is ideal for long marble-cutting sessions.
  • 13,000 RPM FLEXIBLE CUTTING MACHINE: This marble cutter is flexible, can cut straight, round, curved, diagonal, etc., and can cut up to 110 mm for flexible cutting in marble, masonry, and tiles. Its incredible 13,000 RPM speed is what allows it to finish all tasks so quickly.
  • SPEED LOCK-ON FUNCTIONALITY: The marble cutter’s suitability for use increases cutting marble comfort. The locking button on the handle can be used to lock the speed and prevent hand fatigue.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN & PORTABLE SIZE: The Simple and elegant design makes the holding comfortable while using it and the protective guard avoids wet dust accumulation.
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GIGAWATTS Marble Cutter with a powerful 1300-watt motor, designed for precise cutting of various marble types. Built with durable materials, this cutter ensures a long lifespan and the ability to cut marble up to 110mm. With a flexible cutting capacity and an impressive speed of 13,000 RPM, it effortlessly handles straight, round, curved, and diagonal cuts in marble, masonry, and tiles. The speed lock-on functionality enhances cutting comfort, while the ergonomic design and portable size make it comfortable to use. Ideal for professionals seeking top-notch performance marble cutting with precision and efficiency.

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