GIGAWATTS Agro 2 in 1 Battery and Manual Sprayer 12V 8Ah Knapsack Spray with Free Jet Gun & 16L Tank Capacity for Gardening Farming Sanitization (Pack of 1, Random)


  • DUAL FUNCTIONALITY: It offers both battery-powered and manual spraying options, providing versatility for various applications and user preferences.
  • POWERFUL BATTERY OPERATION: It is equipped with a 12V8Ah battery, and delivers reliable and consistent power for extended spraying sessions, reducing the need for frequent recharges.
  • CONVENIENT MANUAL SPRAY: In addition to battery operation, the sprayer features a manual spray option, allowing users to continue spraying even when the battery is depleted or for precise application in smaller areas.
  • FREE JET GUN INCLUDED: It comes with a free jet gun attachment, enabling users to achieve a high-pressure jet of liquid for targeted spraying or cleaning tasks.
  • LARGE TANK CAPACITY: With a 16-liter tank capacity, it can hold ample liquid for extended use, minimizing the need for frequent refills and enhancing efficiency during spraying operations.

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The Gigawatts 2 in 1 Battery Sprayer offers versatile spraying options with both battery-powered and manual capabilities. Equipped with a powerful 12V 12Ah battery, it provides consistent operation, while the included free jet gun attachment enables targeted spraying. With an 16-liter tank capacity, it’s suitable for extended spraying sessions.


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