GIGAWATTS 600W Electric Air Blower Garden Dust Cleaner 14000 RPM Suction 450GMS Airfoil Dirt Extraction 185km/h Airflow with Unbreakable Body & Glossy Finish for Snow (Orange /Black, 1Pc)

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  • POWERFUL PERFORMANCE: The 600W motor generates a maximum airflow speed of 185km/h, providing robust suction power at 14000 RPM for efficient garden dust cleaning and debris removal. The airfoil design enhances airflow, ensuring thorough dirt extraction up to 450GMS, making it ideal for heavy-duty tasks.
  • DURABLE DESIGN: Crafted with an unbreakable body, this Air blower ensures longevity and resilience against impact, extending its lifespan for prolonged use. The glossy finish adds a sleek aesthetic while providing additional protection against scratches and wear, maintaining its appearance over time.
  • VERSATILE FUNCTIONALITY: Versatile in tackling various outdoor cleaning tasks, including removing snow, leaves, and debris from gardens, driveways, and pathways, offering versatile functionality for diverse needs. Ergonomic design with a lightweight build ensures comfortable handling and manoeuvrability, enhancing user convenience during prolonged use.
  • ADJUSTABLE SETTINGS: Equipped with adjustable speed settings, allowing users to tailor airflow intensity according to specific cleaning requirements, ensuring precise control and efficient operation. Easy-to-access controls enable seamless adjustment of settings, enhancing user experience and facilitating hassle-free operation.
  • MULTIPLE COLOR OPTIONS: Available in vibrant colour options, offering users the flexibility to choose the option that ideally suits their preferences and complements their outdoor environment. Stylish colour choices add a touch of personalization, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of outdoor cleaning equipment.
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Experience powerful performance and durability with the GIGAWATTS 600W Electric Air Blower. Its robust 600W motor delivers a maximum airflow speed of 185km/h, while the unbreakable body and glossy finish ensure longevity and resilience. With adjustable settings and versatile functionality, it is appropriate for various outdoor cleaning tasks.


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