GIGAWATTS 4W 4 Way LED Wall Light Up Down Left Right BIS IP65 Lamp Modern Outdoor Shockproof Black Body Fixture for Home Garden Decor Lightning (Pack of 1, Warm White)

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  • ADVANCED ILLUMINATION: Experience prime lighting with the GIGAWATTS 4W 4 Way LED Wall Light, featuring four-directional beams—up, down, left, and right—for comprehensive outdoor lighting solutions.
  • ENERGY EFFICIENCY: With a power consumption of just 4W, this LED wall light ensures efficient energy usage without compromising on brightness, making it a better lighting option for your space.
  • DURABLE DESIGN: Constructed with a shockproof black body and IP65 rating, this fixture offers durability and weather resistance, suitable for outdoor installations, ensuring long-term performance even in harsh environmental conditions.
  • MODERN AESTHETIC: Elevate your home or garden decor with the sleek and modern design of this LED wall light, providing both functional lighting and aesthetic appeal to enhance the ambiance of any space.
  • BIS CERTIFIED: Rest assured of the product’s quality and safety with BIS certification, ensuring compliance with Indian standards for electrical appliances, ensuring peace of mind for your lighting needs.
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Illuminate your outdoor spaces with the GIGAWATTS 4W 4 Way LED Wall Light, featuring advanced directional lighting, energy-efficient operation, durable construction, modern design, and BIS certification for quality assurance, suitable for enhancing your home or garden decor.


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