GIGAWATTS XLNT 200A Inverter ARC Welding Machine Compact 230V IGBT With Hot Start, Anti-Stick Function, Digital Display & Arc Force Control x Hot Start, Anti-Stick – 6 Months Warranty (Yellow)

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  • KEY SPECIFICATIONS: Current Rating- 200 A | Single Phase- 230V | Digital Display | IGBT Technology
  • DIGITAL DISPLAY: The DC Inverter Welding Machine features a user-friendly digital display that provides precise control and monitoring of welding parameters.
  • ENERGY SAVING: Designed with energy efficiency in mind, the DC Inverter Welding Machine incorporates advanced technology to minimize power consumption without compromising on performance.
  • COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT: With its compact and lightweight design, the DC Inverter Welding Machine offers exceptional portability and ease of use.
  • HIGHEST EFFICIENCY: Equipped with the latest IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) technology, the DC Inverter Welding Machine delivers the highest level of efficiency. This technology ensures optimal power conversion, resulting in reduced energy losses.
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By adjusting the amperage, this amazing welding device enables automatic adjustments to the voltage and wire feeding rate. The smoothness of the arc allows for rapid performance and operation. This device is a great fit for the welding, repair, heavy, and light industries. Welding happens more frequently as a result of less damage to copper and iron, which has a remarkable energy-saving effect. The output voltage for the electrical network is dependable and flexible when closed-loop feedback control is employed. The welder is kept cool throughout prolonged periods of work.


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