GIGAWATTS GW-237 Solar Sensing Multi-Color Garden Light BIS Approved 2W Solar Powered Wireless Night Spotlight for Garden Home Outdoor Decoration Lamp Waterproof Path Lights- 1 Pc

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  • MULTI-COLOR ILLUMINATION: It is a versatile lighting solution with a 2W LED that offers three distinct colour options – 2300K warm white, 6400K white, and a captivating magic colour mode.
  • SOLAR-POWERED EFFICIENCY: this garden light harnesses solar energy efficiently. It charges a 4000mAh battery during the day and operates at night.
  • INTELLIGENT MOTION SENSING: Equipped with an advanced induction scheme, this garden light detects motion within a range of 6-10 meters and a 120-degree angle.
  • ADJUSTABLE ENERGY MODES: It offers energy-efficient lighting options. In its lower energy mode, it emits warm white light, while the upper luminous magic colour mode activates upon motion detection.
  • EXTENDED LIGHTING DURATIONS: With a full charge time of 6-8 hours and an exposure area of 4-8 meters, this garden light provides reliable lighting for 12-20 hours.
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Introducing Gigawatts’ Solar Sensing Multi-Color Garden Light, a versatile outdoor lighting solution. With a 2W LED, it offers three lighting options: 2300K warm white, 6400K white, and an enchanting magic colour mode. Powered by efficient solar panels, it charges a 4000mAh battery during the day and activates motion sensing at night. Its adjustable energy modes and extended lighting durations make it perfect for enhancing your outdoor space’s ambience and security. Enjoy sustainable and customizable garden lighting with Gigawatts.


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